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Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) The team discusses celebrity breakups, nuptials and pregnancies during the pandemic; actress Halle Berry tries to make the dreams of others come true.
Matter of Fact (HD, New, TV-PG) The host presents discussions and points of analysis about political and socioeconomic issues affecting emerging generations in the United States.
CBS Weekend News (HD, New) Veteran news anchors present up-to-date coverage of important events and headlining developments from all across the nation and around the world.
NCIS: New Orleans Down the Rabbit Hole (HD, TV-14) When Pride is found following one of Mayor Hamilton's accomplices, the suspect decides to open fire in a crowded area to use the chaos as protective cover.

The Three Stooges Horses' Collars (TV-G) Curly, Moe and Larry are private investigators, and they are hired to travel to the Old West where they will help a young woman retrieve an IOU from a hustler.
The Three Stooges Goofs & Saddles (TV-G) The general sends Larry, Moe and Curly out west to capture a vicious gang of cattle rustlers, but their carrier pigeon inadvertently blows their cover.
The Three Stooges Spaceship Sappy (TV-G) The Stooges meet an eccentric scientist and his daughter and join them on a space mission to a distant planet, and the boys are smitten with attractive aliens.
The Three Stooges Three Smart Saps (TV-G) When the local prison warden and father of the Stooges' future brides is overthrown by the local mafia and locked in jail, the three men plot to free him.
The Three Stooges The Pest Man Wins Larry, Moe and Shemp are exterminators who plant mice and insects in a fancy mansion and are then hired to clean up their mess during a high-society party.
The Three Stooges For Crimin' Out Loud The Stooges are hired to protect a wealthy politician, but when he suddenly vanishes, the boys have to contend with various villains in his creepy mansion.
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (NR, *) Outlaw Billy the Kid rescues a beautiful ranch owner from the wicked fangs of famed vampire Dracula, who has recently arrived in the American West.
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