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Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) The team offers information for the 2020 Grammy Awards with musician Alicia Keys as the guest co-host; actress Margot Robbie is followed for a night out.
25 Words or Less (HD, New) Host Meredith Vieira leads two teams of competitors who attempt to solve a list of five words using less than 25 word clues to win the $10,000 prize.
The Big Bang Theory The Bozeman Reaction (HD, TV-PG) After Leonard and Sheldon discover their apartment has been robbed, they ask their friends to help them build a technologically advanced security system.
The Big Bang Theory The Proton Transmogrification (HD, TV-PG) Professor Proton helps Sheldon overcome his grief; Leonard decides to make a competition out a relationship milestone with Penny.
Hawaii Five-0 Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa (HD, Repeat, TV-14) The top salesperson of a multi-level marketing beauty company is murdered; Adam becomes friends with a homeless man with an estranged family.

M*A*S*H Soldier of the Month (TV-PG) Frank becomes delirious with a fever and makes out a will leaving everything of value to his wife and his old clothes to Margaret.
M*A*S*H The Gun (TV-PG) A wounded colonel's flashy and valuable pistol disappears, and Hawkeye and B.J. play a hunch in order to discover who took the weapon.
The Andy Griffith Show Bargain Day (TV-G) A new butcher shop called Diamond Jim's has opened and Aunt Bee is on a mission to find the perfect bargain beef.; Aunt Bee gets more than she bargained for.
The Andy Griffith Show Divorce, Mountain Style (TV-G) When Andy gets involved with the Darlings, who are returning to arrange a mountain divorce for their daughter Charlene, he gets tagged as the next husband.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Lou Ann Poovie Sings No More (TV-G) After a lounge singer gets fired from her job, Private Slater and Sergeant Carter try to help her start a real music career, but Gomer tells her she can't sing.
Green Acres The Best Laid Plans (TV-G) Lisa goes back to New York City so he may pick up his furniture, but everyone else in Hooterville is under the impression that she left for good.
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